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I’ve got some cool stuff, and you want to help me out, right? If you do edit something, write something on the top of the page or over here; I think the “last edit” rss is broken right now. Anyway, here’s what I’m working on.

Paladin Paragon Paths

One for each diety, lawful good through chaotic evil.

Ranged Barbarian Powers

The Swiftkin Fury build a suite of Dexterity-secondary Barbarian powers that focuses on mobility and ranged attacks with Heavy Thrown weapons.


An Arcane Defender that’s a little more heavily-armored than the Swordmage.

Primordial Pact

The Primordial Pact Warlock has stuck a bargain with the fathers of the Titans, elemental beings of incredible strength and constant creativity. They also want to destroy the world to “try again” after the Gods seeded it with life.

Main Page

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